Guava Mitochodrial Depolorization Kit

Manufacturer MilliporeSigma

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Guava Mitochondrial Depolarization Assay
for detection of early apoptosis
Guava Technologies has optimized an assay format for 96-well plates that combines the sensitivity of a single-cell based method with the throughput and ease-of-use of a microplate reader. The Guava® Mitochondrial Depolarization Assay for the Guava EasyCyte™ Plus System allows you to monitor the loss of mitochondrial membrane potential through the use of the fluorescent cationic dye, JC-1. An optional dead cell dye, 7-AAD, is also included for discerning apoptotic cells from dead cells.
Distinguishes healthy, early apoptotic, and dead cells
In healthy, non-apoptotic cells, the JC-1 dye enters the mitochondrial matrix, accumulates as aggregates and stains the mitochondria bright red. In apoptotic cells, the mitochondrial membrane potential collapses, and the JC-1 enters the cytoplasm as a monomeric form where it fluoresces green. Results are automatically calculated and presented in a statistical format that is easy to interpret, with total cell counts and percentages for those cell populations that are either healthy, apoptotic, or dead.