Guava EasyCyte Plus Base System

Manufacturer MilliporeSigma

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The Guava EasyCyte™ Plus System provides absolute cell counts and offers other high-demand features, such as six parameters (4 fluorescent colors, 2 light scatter) and has a blue laser for access to commonly used fluorescent dyes.
It also offers a fourth color option, which, when combined with the built-in 96-well autosampler, allows researchers to obtain even more data while performing more complex biological studies such as white blood cell phenotyping, cell signaling, cytokine production, activation marker analysis, and multiplex compound screening. Monitoring the interplay of up to four different biological mechanisms simultaneously improves the efficiency of experimental outputs. Not only does this shorten the number of iterations for any one experiment, it also comes that much closer to mimicking the complex biological responses within the body.
The Guava EasyCyte Plus System runs all Guava Assays, and the near infra¬red fourth color option expands the information you receive from any one well, making it easier to simultaneously monitor extracellular and intracellular events.