Guava EasyCyte Mini Base System

Manufacturer MilliporeSigma

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The Guava EasyCyte™ Mini System has all of the functionality of the Guava EasyCyte System but in a single-sample format, making the system an ideal solution for researchers with lower throughput needs.
The Guava EasyCyte Mini System runs all Guava Assays, enabling easy, fast measurements of GFP expression and viability, cell counting and viability, apoptosis, cell cycle analysis, antigen detection, cytotoxicity, and more. Assays require only micro-volumes of cells and reagents, and the system generates minimal waste.
In addition, like all Guava Systems, the unique ability to obtain direct absolute cell counts in addition to population percentages, allows researchers to monitor increases or decreases in overall cell number so it can be determined if they had an impact on the assay being performed. This functionality cannot be obtained with traditional sheath flow cytometers.