Guardian NG: Infra-Red Gas Monitor for CO2/Methane

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Quick and easy gas monitoring on the go

The improved Guardian NG single point fixed instrument offers continuous monitoring and control of CO2 or CH4 gas concentration levels where detection level ranges between 0-2000ppm and 0-100% by volume are required. The heart of the instrument is a proprietary dual wavelength infrared sensor which provides reliable accuracy, long lifetime and long term stability with low maintenance requirements. The sensor is housed in a tough plastic enclosure, which is rated at IP54 against the ingress of water or dust.

The Guardian + is a wall mounted monitor that can detect gases from sampling points up to 30 metres away. The system includes an internal pump, liquid crystal display and temperature correction. It also offers a range of user-selectable bit-switches to control the latching alarms and analogue output options. The input power to the unit is user selectable to cover worldwide voltage and frequency standards.

The reliability is further enhanced by the elimination of all moving parts from the sensor head.

The hydrophobic particle filter in the inlet housing and a simple calibration procedure will only need to be replaced once a year (typically) and only takes a few minutes. This will allow you to check the accuracy and adjust the calibration when required.

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Guardian NG: Infra-Red Gas Monitor for CO2/Methane

Manufacturer Edinburgh Instruments Ltd.

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