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GST Toolbox
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Fusion of proteins to Glutathione S-Transferase (GST) of Schistosoma japonicum is a common technique to increase solubility and expression level of a protein. Furthermore, GST-tagged fusion proteins are often used in protein-protein interaction studies. Both approaches require highly specific tools to isolate and detect GST fusion proteins.

The GST-Trap is a highly specific and robust GST-binding protein coupled to magnetic particles for biochemical analysis of GST fusion proteins and their interacting partners.

Use GST-Trap for:
• (one step) Pulldowns/ Immunoprecipitations
• Co-IP
• Mass spectroscopy
• Enzyme activity measurements

Conventional GST antibody (6G9)
To complement the Alpaca Antibody Advantage based trap that recognizes native protein, we also offer a rat monoclonal for Western blot applications where the denatured protein needs to be detected.