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"The Lacey Carbon TEM Grids expire three months after purchase."

Review date: 01 Jul 2008 | Grid Storage Boxes
Specimen Grid Boxes

Specimen grid boxes for 50 or 100 grids in numbered holes. They will accommodate 3.05mm or 2.3mm grids.
The grids may be handled via a slot in the top sliding cover, so that most of the stored grids are protected from accidental disturbance while one row is being filled or removed.
G276 Specimen Grid Box for 100 grids
G276A Specimen Grid Box for 50 grids

Specimen Grid Box with Identification Number
Each box has its own unique number printed on the top and one end.
During use the number on the face may be seen thus eliminating the possibility of placing a grid in the wrong box.
The number on the end facilitates the retrieval of the grid box from storage.
G276N Numbered Grid Box

Specimen Grid Box for Tabbed Grids
This is a box with special deep holes which will accept tabbed grids. It has numbered holes and a clear plastic lid.
G3643 Specimen Grid Box for 50 tabbed grids