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Utilizing advances in microfluidic technology, the Gel Protein Recovery system has been developed to revolutionize the extraction of biomolecules, including proteins, peptides, and nucleic acids, from polyacrylamide and agarose gels. Proprietary developments in controlling electrokinetic flow have led to the development of a novel method for coupling high efficiency and robust electroelution with sample recovery decoupled from the electric field. The GPR-800 instrument delivers 500V per channel for rapid sample extraction, typically within 15 minutes. Each GPRchip contains an array of channels for processing up to 8 samples simultaneously. The combination of high voltage electroelution and the 8-plex GPRchip permit highly efficient sample recoveries with excellent throughput.

Improvements in the purity of the samples post-extraction have been accomplished through buffer optimization featuring the Progenta family of acid labile surfactants. Advances in synthetic chemistry have led to “smart surfactants” that can be used for sample preparation and processing, and then be rapidly broken down by decreasing the pH of the sample solution. The degradation by-products do not possess surfactant properties or interfere with analysis by mass spectrometry. The combination of the efficient electroelution with the optimized reagents leads to recovery of high quality samples for reliable mass spectrometry data.

The GPR-800 is available as a stand-alone instrument package, or it can be purchased as part of a product bundle that includes all of the reagents, sample prep tools, and GPRchips necessary to recover intact proteins from polyacrylamide gels. GPR-800 Protein Recovery Reagent Bundles contain GPR Electroelution Buffer and (10) GPRchips for the recovery of up to 80 samples. GPR Mass Spec Application Kits are available for both Top-Down and Bottom-Up investigations using MALDI and ESI mass spectrometry, and they contain all of the sample prep tools and reagents to prep samples for mass spec analysis. Additional GPR Application Kits are in development for the recovery of nucleic acids and peptides (in-gel protein digests) from agarose and polyacrylamide gels.

Features and Specifications
• Utilizing GPRchip - Allows for efficient extraction of proteins down to 100ng.
• Proprietary Decoupled Protein Recovery - Allows for easy and efficient collection of protein and post electroelution clean-up.
• Eight Channel Parallel Processing - 8 gel pieces can be processed simultaneously in less than 20 minutes.
• High voltage gel extraction (500 V) coupled with real-time current monitoring capability for
• improved process control
• System and Reagents Designed for Mass Spectrometry - no extensive clean-up necessary. Uses Progenta Anionic Acid Labile Surfactants in GPR Electroelution Buffer.
• Closed System and Disposable Chips - eliminate sample carryover and reduce contamination risks.
• CE mark for conformity with European Directives

Research Applications:
• Top-down proteomics
• Intact mass measurements
• Bottom-up proteomics
• Protein identification and characterization
• Isoform analysis
• Biomarker discovery
• Analysis of degradation by-products for pharmaceutical protein drug products