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GPCR Cell Lines - Validated Cell Lines for High-Throughput-Screening

In cooperation with Cisbio Bioassays CCS has developed a set of recombinant cell lines stably expressing G-Protein coupled recptors (GPCRs) of high pharmacological relevance.

The cell lines have been generated by stable transfection of CHO-K1 cells and subsequent clonal selection. They have been specifically validated for a read-out in homogenous time-resolved fluorescence assays (htrf®), measuring second messengers of the different G-Protein couplings.

Cells are supplied either on basis of a licence agreement with the option to propagate the cells in-house or as aliquots of assay-ready Frozen Instant Cells. Each batch of frozen cells has been validated in htrf® assay and has a documented assay window and Z'-factor.

- Validated cell lines for htrf® assays.
- Stability tested for 20 passage doublings.
- Fully automatable in different plate formats.
- Robust assay parameters e.g. S/B, Z' and CV.
- Assay-ready use in suspension as Frozen Instant Cells.