GoTaq® qPCR Master Mix by Promega Corp.

Manufacturer Promega Corp.

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GoTaq® qPCR Master Mix
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GoTaq® qPCR Master Mix is a new reagent system for use in real-time quantitative PCR (qPCR). The system contains BRYT™ Green, a new proprietary fluorescent DNA binding dye that exhibits greater fluorescence enhancement upon binding to double-stranded DNA than SYBR® Green I. Combined with the GoTaq® Hot Start Polymerase, optimized buffer and proprietary dye, GoTaq® qPCR Master Mix provides robust real-time PCR with increased reliability, reproducibility and sensitivity.

GoTaq® qPCR Master Mix is provided as a pre-mixed, ready-to-use stabilized 2X formulation that includes all components for qPCR except sample DNA, primers and water to dilute the DNA standards. A separate tube of 100X CXR Reference Dye is included for use with instruments that require a higher level of reference dye than that in the GoTaq® qPCR Master Mix.