GlycoWorks HILIC uElution Plate by Waters

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GlycoWorks HILIC uElution Plate
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The GlycoWorks Product Line was developed and designed to compliment the existing Waters Glycan Application Solution. Concentrating on 2-AB labeled N-Glycan, this sample preparation offering and complimentary standards provides a unique, comprehensive yet versatile solution.

The GlycoWorks HILIC uElution Plate is ideal for removing contaminants like salts and detergents from hydrophilic analytes, such as carbohydrates, prior to mass spectrometry analysis.

It enables elution volumes as low as 25 µL, thereby eliminating time-consuming evaporation steps. The eluted carbohydrates can be analyzed directly by MALDI MS without any prior derivatization.

This plate can be used alone for the purpose of extracting carbohydrates, or it can be used as part of our glycan analysis kit (Waters MassPREP Glycoanalysis Kit) to clean up the glycans released from glycoproteins after deglycosylation.