Glucagon Like Peptide-1 (Active) ELISA by MilliporeSigma

Manufacturer MilliporeSigma
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Glucagon Like Peptide-1 (Active) ELISA
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A simple and robust ELISA technique
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  • Application Area: Alzheimer's research

"It is a fluorescence-based 96-well microplate assay for the estimation of Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 (GLP-1). We used this kit to assess the inhibitory ability of some our investigation molecules. The assay is versatile. It can be easily handled by any trained personal. The user manual provides all the instruction and support to perform the assay in with a simple multi-step procedure. Contamination plays a major role in this assay. Caution must be exercised to avoid serious contamination as this assay is sensitive to all humans, rats and mice. Though it is highly-priced, it produces reliable and reproducible results which ultimately helps the researchers to attain a conclusion."

Review date: 15 Jan 2016 | Glucagon Like Peptide-1 (Active) ELISA
GLP-1 is secreted from gut endocrine cells in response to nutrient ingestion and plays multiple roles in metabolic homeostasis.