GL SPECTIS 5.0 Touch by Analytik Ltd

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GL SPECTIS 5.0 Touch
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The GL SPECTIS 5.0 touch is a new compact-size laboratory grade spectrometer from GL Optic. Using this state-of-the-art instrument you can quickly gather UV-Vis-IR light measurement data with laboratory accuracy.

The GL SPECTIS 5.0 touch is the best field application spectrometer to gather radiometric data with up to 6 hours battery life or can be adapted for use in complex laboratory setups where accuracy and precision matters. Each unit is equipped with an universal mount featuring a standardised ¼” BSW thread size used for camera tripods so you can easily position your instrument on your laboratory optical bench as well as in production environments.

The GL SPECTIS 5.0 touch possesses a unique coding mechanism to detect which optical probe is attached and automatically applies the correct calibration file for your accessory. This enables the user to confidently avoid errors when changing accessory interfaces. GL Spectis 5.0 touch calibration meets the requirements of leading standards institutes and is confirmed by the manufacturer’s certification.

GL SPECTIS 5.0 Touch Features:

  • Completely portable spectrometry solution
  • Laboratory grade system for accurate, precise, stable and consistent results
  • Extended spectral measurement range from 200 nm to 1050 nm
  • Very high resolution: 2.5 nm optical FWHM and 0.5 nm data point interval
  • Absolute calibration of your unit and accessories (VNIIOFI traceable)
  • Patented OSR Stray Light Reduction system reduces noise
  • Automatic base-line correction with integrated temperature sensor
  • Trigger socket for advanced synchronised testing setups
  • Various data transfer options: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB cable, micro-SD card slot
  • Android operating system with intuitive touch screen operation

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