Gilson Orbital Shaker

Manufacturer Gilson, Inc.

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The Gilson Orbital Shaker is a compact shaker that fits on one rack position of a 215 Liquid Handler or GX-281 Liquid Handler bed. The shaker provides a range of customer-controlled shaking (20 to 720 rpm) with potential vortexing dependent on vessel size and sample volume.

• Accommodates one Code 200-Series rack and is compatible with all Code 200-Series racks
• Allows for easy and accurate rack placement using locator pins
• Uses set screws to quickly and easily lock the Code 200-Series racks into position
• Utilizes a stepper motor to generate the requested rpm (20–720 rpm). The user simply needs to set the shaker to the appropriate rpm to match their vessel size and sample volume to optimize mixing. Shaking is accomplished via the current control:
- Contact Closure: By closing a contact, the shaker will start shaking at a predetermined speed. When the contact is opened, the shaker stops.
- GSIOC Control: The Orbital Shaker has a GSIOC connection at the back of the instrument that is designed to accept GSIOC commands.
- Manual Control: The user has manual control of the Orbital Shaker by using the front panel of the instrument.
• Can be used on a 215 or GX-281 Liquid Handler by attaching the appropriate mounting plate to the base of the shaker

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