Genomic STARlet by Hamilton Company

Manufacturer Hamilton Company
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Genomic STARlet
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High quality nucleic acids are a key for downstream applications like genotyping, sequencing and real-time PCR analysis. Together with MACHEREY-NAGEL, we have designed the Genomic STARlet that can run up to eight methods on one instrument to reach minimal variation and optimal standardization.

Nucleic acid extraction, isolation and purification from biological samples and PCR products in a non IVD environment.

The Genomic STARlet is an all-rounder: it can handle different input samples such as blood, tissue and cells.

More than half a dozen nucleic acid extraction kits have been tested on the system. Standard sample input and output labware from MACHEREY-NAGEL is already predefined. It can be selected when a run is started. The processes are optimized to save time and minimize tip consumption. Depending on the kit, 96 samples can be processed in 60-144 minutes. Several runs can be performed every day.

• Real-time clot detection
• No aerosols due to the forceless tip pick-up and ejection technology (CO-RE)
• Minimization of contamination risks due to features like the unique Anti Droplet Control (ADC)
• Save space with the integrated small footprint vacuum system
• Safe shaking and incubation provided by the on-deck integrated heater shaker with active plate lock
• Fast and convenient transports on deck with the CO-RE Gripper

• Proven nucleic acid quality with MACHEREY-NAGEL kits
• Verified protocols on the Genomic STARlet
• Easy to use software: with the intuitive user interface you can easily choose your kit and sample type - effortlessly switch protocols
• Extract nucleic acids from samples such as bacterial and eucaryotic cells, tissue, blood, plants and others
•  Process flexible batches from 8 to 96 samples
• Run up to eight kits on the same system

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Genomic STARlet by Hamilton Company product image

Genomic STARlet

Manufacturer Hamilton Company

4.3 / 5.0 | 1 reviews