Genomic DNA Isolation by Bio-Rad

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Genomic DNA Isolation

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Isolation of double-stranded, high molecular weight DNA from cells, tissues, bacteria, and blood is critical for successful DNA amplification, sequencing, Southern blotting, mapping, genotyping, and other analytical techniques.

Bio-Rad's genomic DNA purification products include

Bio-Rad’s InstaGene Matrix, designed for quick isolation of small amounts of genomic DNA of sufficient purity for PCR. It’s made with a specially formulated 6% w/v Chelex resin, makes DNA sample preparation fast, easy, and cost-effective, providing PCR-quality template DNA in less than an hour. The InstaGene matrix eliminates the time-consuming and labor-intensive deproteinization, organic extraction, dialysis, and alcohol precipitation protocols required in traditional DNA purification procedures. Place the cells in a microcentrifuge tube, add the InstaGene matrix, boil, and spin. The matrix adsorbs cell lysis products that interfere with the PCR amplification process. DNA in the supernatant is ready for PCR.

• Ease of use — the small-particle-size slurry won't clog pipet tips and is easily resuspended with the included stirbar
• Appropriate matrix concentration ready upon resuspension
• Affordability and cost-effectiveness — 100 samples from 1 bottle

Chelex 100 molecular biology grade resin, tested to be free of nucleases and ligase inhibitors, and certified not to inhibit the amplification of DNA. The resin is a styrene divinylbenzene copolymer containing paired iminodiacetate ions, which act as chelating groups in binding polyvalent metal ions. The carboxylic acid groups of Chelex 100 resin classify it as a weak cation exchange resin, but it differs from other exchangers in this class by featuring uniquely high selectivities for metal ions and much higher bond strengths.

The following forms of Chelex 100 are available
• Analytical grade Chelex 100 resin - exhaustively sized, purified, and converted to make it suitable for accurate, reproducible analytical techniques
• Biotechnology grade Chelex 100 resin - the analytical grade form certified to contain fewer than 100 microorganisms per gram of resin

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Genomic DNA Isolation by Bio-Rad product image

Genomic DNA Isolation

Manufacturer Bio-Rad

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