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Genome Assembly Services

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We understand that not everyone has the time to invest in assembling, analyzing, and annotating a genome. That's why DNASTAR offers genome assembly and related services using our proprietary tools.

We will assemble, analyze and deliver a finished genome, or part of a genome, along with customized visualizations and reports, as specified by you. We are highly experienced in working with data generated from Illumina, Ion Torrent, Pacific BioSciences, Roche 454, ABI SOLiD, and Sanger sequencing platforms. Alternatively, if you seek a turnkey solution, whereby we prepare the library, arrange for sequencing, and assemble and analyze the resultant data, we, in collaboration with Scarab Genomics, are prepared to provide full support for this option, as well.

We would be pleased to discuss our full range of services and our approach with you. Our areas of expertise include:
• Targeted sequence capture and variation analysis
• Genomic re-sequencing with variation analysis and annotation (genomes to 100 Mb)
• De novo genome assembly, gap closure, and annotation (genomes to 50 Mb)
• RNA-Seq analysis for gene expression and SNP analysis