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The program "Genom 2005" is a feature rich and user friendly tool to analyse array-experiments.

Key Features:

  • Analyse all AffyMetrix-Arrays (cDNA-Arrays or similar technologies could easily be integrated as well)
  • Normalisation of Raw-Data
  • Many additional gene information (official Gennames, Location, Function prediction, Sequences, Database-references (Gene-Ontology, InterPro, SwissPROT ,EMBL, ENSEMBL, LocusLink, OMIM, GeneBank...)
  • Multiple analysis methods (Cluster, Support-Vector-Maschine, statistical Methods)
  • Automatic Pathway-mapping (BioCarta, GenMAPP...)
  • Integrated Pathway editor (easy to handle by Drag and Drop)
  • Function prediction
  • Sequence analysis