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Geniom RT Analyzer
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The Geniom® RT Analyzer is designed for the automated processing of microarray experiments. It uses microfluidic Geniom Biochips for a wide range of applications.

All-in-one instrument

The Geniom RT Analyzer is a hybridization oven, a wash station, a shaker and a scanner in one instrument. Sample loading, hybridization, washing, precise temperature control, staining and detection are fully automated. There is no need for many instruments. Also the experimental workflow is much easier when you have several instruments integrated into one instrument (exact timing, exact pipetting control, minimal hands-on time). The software for the Geniom RT Analyzer is intuitive and easy to use. Users can either run experiments with pre-installed programs from febit or write new programs with ease. The Geniom RT Analyzer works with a precise temperature control for optimal hybridization. A pressurized system allows the automated sample movement through the microchannels of the biochips with accurate timing. This automated back and forth moving of the sample during the hybridization increases the sensitivity and stringency while reducing hybridization time


Through the fluidic control within the microfluidic biochips, automation is possible for the whole hybridization experiment. Consequently very short hands-on time is needed for you doing a hybridization experiment. Only buffer, reagent tubes and sample tubes have to be positioned in the right place. Sample loading and hybridization, washing, shaking and detection are done automatically. The Geniom RT Analyzer software has program steps for loading, hybridization, washing and shaking. For many experiments febit provides software profiles with these program steps for the Geniom RT Analyzer. The software is also intuitive and enables you to write your own experiment profiles with ease. You can drag and drop the program steps and can change the variables like time and temperature during this step. A CCD camera can be programmed to generate detection pictures. You import these pictures in a software tool for analyzing the microarray experiment. The microarray experiment with the Geniom RT Analyzer needs only short hands-on time. This increases your productivity, because you have more time for other research work.


Because of the automation of the microarray experiment with the Geniom RT Analyzer it is very reproducible. The timing, the pipetting volumes and the incubation temperatures in each experiment are exactly the same. This is enabled by the microfluidic Geniom Biochip from febit.