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GENi2 - new generation fluorescence imaging system
The GENi2 gel documentation system is one of the new generation systems from Syngene. This is a compact, fully self contained model which has an enclosed camera, motor driven lens, motor driven filter wheel and is controlled by the integral processor with all functions accessed via a touch screen monitor.

The darkroom houses a UV transilluminator and a white light drop down table. Applications range from fluorescent gels, protein gel imaging and visible light applications such as spot and dot blot imaging.

Control of all functions (image capture, auto exposure and image manipulation) is via the large touch screen. Image rotation further extends the features of this compact system.

Images can be saved to memory stick, internal memory or via a network connection.

The system comes complete with GeneTools analysis software.

Why buy this product

Complete system
The GENi2 is a complete system for gel imaging. It has an integral processor so no external computer is required. The camera, lens, filters and lighting are all controlled directly from the touch screen. The overall package has a very small footprint and therefore takes up minimal laboratory bench space.

Suitable for fluorescence and white light application
The GENi2 has a slide in/out UV transilluminator for fluorescence work. A drop down white light table can be used for all white light applications and can be used in conjunction with convertor for other lighting requirements The GENi2 is therefore a very versatile system.

Large touch screen
The system has a large colour touch screen to access all functions. The easy to use intuitive controls provide full control of the system and need minimal training.