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Syngene GeneTools - Advanced 1D gel analysis

Syngene GeneTools is an advanced 1D gel and 2D spot blot analysis software for use with any gel documentation system.  The Syngene GeneTools highly automated software can rapidly analyse a gel from loading an image to output of results in a matter of seconds.  With an extensive and flexible array of options you can handle a range of media including gels, plates, films and blots, making Syngene GeneTools one of the most versatile packages of its type.  For speed, accuracy and ease of use Syngene GeneTools is a must for any gel documentation system.  All Syngene systems come complete with GeneTools.

Syngene GeneTools offers you:

  • Automatic lane and band detection with automatic corrections for track distortion and "smiling" bands
  • Automatic analysis of multi-tier gels
  • Wide choice of background subtraction methods
  • Extensive calibration options (Rf, MW, BP and mass) with standards library
  • High throughput screening analysis functions
  • Band matching for lane relationship comparisons with dendrogram generation
  • Extensive results output including to Word and Excel
  • Track profile comparison
  • Integral image browser
  • Adherence to Good Laboratory Practice at every stage including reporting
  • Macros to speed analysis