GeneTheatre by Analytik Jena Life Science

Manufacturer Analytik Jena Life Science  |  Available Worldwide
GeneTheatre – Highly Flexible Liquid Handling

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The use of the GeneTheatre greatly simplifies all pending pipetting and dispensing tasks in a laboratory and allows for full automation.

In addition to microplate handling, this highly flexible workstation also accommodates the use of strips, single vessels and glass slides. Users may choose from any of 12 desk positions in the standard-format 96 well SBS, making it easy to adjust the system to any conceivable application. The GeneTheatre is also perfectly suited for the use of thermal mixers, heating or cooling plates, and vacuum stations. In addition, the GeneTheatre can also be adapted to specific applications. Single and multiple pipettes with 8 channels are available. A simple mechanism allows users to change pipettes easily – an effortless process requiring no technical expertise.