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The biggest difference between a Syngene system and any other is in the way the system is controlled.

At the heart of all Syngene systems is GeneSys which is an application driven control software. You can use GeneSys in either Automatic or Manual mode. It is assumed that the user will know exactly what their application is and how they have prepared their gel or blot. In Auto Mode they simply enter this information into GeneSys (or recall it from a saved configuration) and the system takes over the rest. Behind GeneSys is an extensive database which contains data relating to a very wide range of applications, eg, fluorescence, chemiluminescene and chemifluorescence.

Once the imaging system has been told what sample to expect then GeneSys decides what hardware configuration is best and sets the system ready for image capture. Things like camera control, exposure time, sensitivity setting, lighting requirements, lens control, filter selection – all of this is taken care of by GeneSys. The user just has to click the ‘capture’ button and wait for the perfect image to appear. GeneSys ensures scientists can quickly capture excellent images of even complex multiplex gels.

The innovative GeneSys software features large touch-screen buttons which guide users effortlessly through set-up and image capture. Each screen prompts researchers to select, for example, the type of gel or blot they are using and what it is stained with.