GenePix® 4300A & 4400A Microarray Scanners and SL50 Slide Loader

Manufacturer Molecular Devices®

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Setting the Standard for High Resolution, High Uniformity, and Sample Type Flexibility

The industry's premier microarray scanner manufacturer, Molecular Devices, established an exceptional reputation with the GenePix® Microarray Scanner Systems. The GenePix® 4300A & 4400A Microarray Scanners were developed with input from academic leaders in the field of microarray research and Molecular Devices’ 25 years of experience in building high-precision, low-noise detection systems.

The GenePix® 4300A & 4400A Microarray Scanners set the highest standards for microarray instrumentation with their powerful set of new and enhanced features designed for unsurpassed resolution, superior performance, and multispectral imaging in today's life sciences labs.

The GenePix SL50 Automated Slide Loader delivers automatic slide handling for GenePix 4300/4400 Scanners to support high-volume laboratory environments

The GenePix® SL50 Automated Slide Loader, the GenePix® 4300 or 4400 Microarray Scanners, and GenePix® Pro Acquisition and Analysis Software have been designed to work together as a fully integrated platform. The seamless communication among scanner, slide loader, and software ensures unmatched efficiency for data acquisition and analysis, as well as for real-time performance monitoring.