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Genedata Screener
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Rating: 5.0

"Extremely powerful data analysis software for HTS and LIMS. Extremely fast, reliable and robust. Meets the needs of HTS screener. Excellent visualization. Excellent quality of data. Extremely flexible and reasonably easy to use for its capabilities. Manuals and online help could better. Support and help from GeneData is excellent. Excellent curve fit capability for dose-response curve."

Review date: 20 Jun 2011 | Genedata Screener
Scaling to any amount of data, Genedata Screener® captures, analyzes and manages all types of screening data on a single platform. Its superior performance and screening-specific business logic accelerate the analysis of HTS, HCS, and time-series assays. Genedata Screener enables users to optimize experiment and data analyses versus spending time on lengthy data capture, processing, and management tasks.

Genedata Screener has sophisticated data viewers that allow users to access the quality of available data across complete campaigns and determine improvement strategies with advanced data analysis algorithms.

Genedata Screener’s client-server architecture guarantees high performance for all screening operations, regardless of size or complexity of resulting data. While it is ready-to-use, Genedata Screener’s public and well-documented APIs allow easy integration with IT infrastructures and customization to specific research practices.


  • Accelerates analysis of HTS, HCS & time-series assays
  • Captures, visualizes & manages data on a single platform
  • Delivers superior data quality with sophisticated algorithms
  • Scales to the largest campaigns while maintaining full interactivity
  • Comes ready-to-use & integrates with any IT infrastructure