Gene Pulser MXcell Electroporation System by Bio-Rad

Manufacturer Bio-Rad

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Gene Pulser MXcell Electroporation System

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The Gene Pulser MXcell Plate-Based Electroporation System from Bio-Rad delivers molecules efficiently into mammalian cells - especially into primary and difficult-to-transfect cells. The Gene Pulser MXcell system can be used to electroporate as few as 105 cells by using a 96-well plate or as many as 106 to 107 cells in a 12-well plate or in a cuvette. The system's enhanced user interface contains preset protocols to easily adapt to new or existing transfection conditions.

Key Features and Benefits
• Delivery of any molecule into primary and other mammalian cells — transfect siRNA, DNA, and other molecules in a completely open format
• Preprogrammed protocols — designed for rapid optimization to increase transfection efficiency and viability of any mammalian cell type, including primary and difficult-to-transfect cells
• Fully programmable system — modify protocols for your specific needs to obtain better gene delivery
• Choice of electroporation plate or cuvette — electroporate a limited number of primary cells or a larger number when scaling up
• Fast pulse time — minimize cell handling
• Protocols for primary and mammalian cells — browse Bio-Rad's expanding Transfection Protocol Library, which includes electroprotocols describing recommended starting conditions for most mammalian cells
• Compatible with any electroporation buffer — use with Gene Pulser electroporation buffer for efficient gene delivery, while maintaining cell viability in mammalian cells
• Built-in safety features — arc protection for detecting precise location of well arcing and resistor pulse modulation for controlling parallel resistance