Gen2 UltraFast™ TOF Detectors by Photonis

Manufacturer Photonis

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Gen2 UltraFast™ TOF Detectors
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PHOTONIS offers the widest and most technologically advanced variety of Time-of-Flight Detectors available. These patented detectors offer previously unobtainable levels of temporal resolution, dynamic range, and high mass detection sensitivity for TOF Mass Spectrometry. PHOTONIS' unique 2-Micron pore MCP provide the highest channel density of any MCP providing gains in excess of 5x106.

PHOTONIS manufactures Time-of-Flight Detectors to support a variety of applications, including Ultra-Fast, High Temperature, BiPolar, Off-Axis and Co-Axial TOF detection.

An extensive R&D program combined with unsurpassed expertise in microchannel plate technology has led to further improvements in sensitivity, temporal and spatial resolution, stability, dynamic range and longer life. These enhancements have benefited TOF-MS and a range of other applications through the use of microchannel plate (MCP) detector assemblies.