Gel XL Ultra™ Mini-Gel System by Eurotech

Manufacturer Eurotech

Gel XL Ultra™ Mini-Gel System by Eurotech product image
Gel XL Ultra™ Mini-Gel System
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Complete, compact and convenient mini-gel system

Easy to set up and safe to use, the Gel XL Ultra includes all components necessary for casting and running agarose gels. The unit is compact, requiring a minimal amount of benchspace. The direct-connect power supply eliminates a tangled mess of leads and cords on the bench and saves space. Designed for safety and convenience, the power supply can detect when the gel box cover is absent or removed, and cuts power to the system.

Complete system

Included in the Gel XL Ultra system is the direct-connect, intelligent power supply, UV transparent gel tank with safety lid, one large gel tray (13 x 12 cm), two small gel trays (13 x 6 cm), 4 dual format combs (13 / 26 teeth) and a standard casting stand. The self-sealing casting stand holds one large or two small gel trays and offers the most convenient method of gel casting available.

Intelligent power supply

The Gel XL Ultra’s unique power supply connects directly on to the side of the gel tank ensuring a proper connection every time. The power supply is easily removed for thorough cleaning of the gel tank. Four output voltages can be chosen to optimize separation conditions. A digital timer controls operation, shutting down output voltage and sounding an alarm at the expiration of time. The last used voltage and timer settings are held in memory for repetitive runs. A photosensor located on the side of the power supply detects the presence or absence of the safety cover. If the cover is not in place or removed during a run, the power supply will not operate.

Multichannel compatible

When running large numbers of samples, the use of multichannel pipettes for gel loading saves time. Both sides of the dual format combs supplied with the system are multichannel compatible. The combs have 13 teeth on one side and 26 on the other. Multiple combs can be used in the same gel, and up to 96 samples can be loaded onto a single gel.

Quality construction

Built for years of reliable service, only quality materials are used in construction of the Gel XL Ultra. The gel tank and trays are molded for durability and leakproof performance. The lid is easily removed with one hand and designed to carry any condensation away from center of the tank. The unit carries the CE mark.

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Gel XL Ultra™ Mini-Gel System by Eurotech product image

Gel XL Ultra™ Mini-Gel System

Manufacturer Eurotech

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