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Gel Filtration Columns
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PhyTip® Gel Filtration columns are unique tools for high throughput micro volume desalting or buffer exchange applications. They represent the only high throughput, automatable, chromatography desalting solution. Unlike standard dialysis, up to 96 samples can be processed at a time in as little time as ~ 30 minutes and in most cases re-concentration is not required at the end.

The gel filtration columns are similar to the PhyTip affinity columns in that the resin of choice is positioned between two inert screens that maintain the resin bed at the base of the column. Unlike the affinity columns, the sample is passed unidirectionally through the gel filtration columns by gravity flow. The gel filtration columns remove >95% of salts with >80% yield of protein, retain protein functionality, provide less than 10% CV for volume and concentration between final sample and provide functional protein that is ready for the downstream assay.

PhyTip Gel Filtration columns are available with molecular weight cut offs of 5K or 10K.

Features include:
• Available as 5K or 10K Gel Filtration columns
• Removal of >95% of salts with >80% recovery of protein
• Excellent reproducibility in eluted volume and concentration; <10% CV
• Available in 1000 µL column size containing 200 µL or 600 µL resin for sample volumes of 20 µL-400 µL
• Run columns manually or fully automated
o Process 1 to 12 samples with the MEA Purification System or 96 samples in parallel using standard liquid handling robots including Tecan, Agilent, Beckman, Perkin Elmer/Caliper, Dynamic Devices and Hamilton robotic systems.
• Samples processed in ~30 minutes
• Re-concentration is not usually required at the end

Applications include:
• Buffer exchange
• Desalting
• Removal of unincorporated dye
• Epitope mapping

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