Gel Doc 2000 Gel Documentation System

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"Simple set up that can be modified in house."

Review date: 02 Feb 2011 | Gel Doc 2000 Gel Documentation System
The Gel Doc 2000 Gel Documentation System from Bio-Rad Laboratories is an easy-to-use, high-performance system that captures images in real time, allowing you to more accurately position and focus on your sample. With Bio-Rad's intuitive software, images acquired with the Gel Doc 2000 can be rapidly optimized, annotated, analyzed, and printed. Follow the onscreen steps, and get your results with only 3 clicks of the mouse. The Bio Rad Gel Documentation system combines a compact darkroom, UV-transilluminator workstation, CCD camera, motorized zoom lens, and user-friendly Quantity One software to document and quantitate gels stained with ethidium bromide and other fluorophores.The iris, zoom, and focus of the lens can be manipulated either onscreen within Quantity One software or by the instrument control panel.

The Bio Rad Gel Doc 2000 System - Optimized for Easy Gel Documentation

  • High-intensity epi-illumination light source
  • Large 25 x 26 cm UV transilluminator (302 nm) included with each system
  • Convenient sliding drawer for easy placement of gels
  • Visualization of areas as small as 4 x 5 cm
  • Visualization down to 0.1 ng of double-stranded
  • DNA stained with ethidium bromide
  • Software-controlled automatic integration to visualize faint samples
  • Software-controlled molecular weight determination and concentration analysis
  • Video printing of gel image and results for easy insertion into your laboratory notebook