Gecko Barcode Print and Apply

Manufacturer kbiosystems Limited

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This Genomics System can be supplied as:
  • Colony picking
  • Arraying
  • Micro-Arraying
  • Library consolidation
  • Cherry picking
  • Liquid handling
  • Custom Applications


  • Cycle time of under 2 Seconds Per Label
  • Plate & Label Sensing
  • Printer Resolution 300dpi or optional 600dpi supplied with system
  • Placement Accuracy of +/- 0.25mm Horizontally and Vertically
  • Application to all four aspects of plate
  • Barcode inscription formats, Numeric and human readable
  • Label Sizes: 5mm to 12mm wide and 40mm to 75mm long
  • Label height placement selection
  • The Label Temperature range is -80 to 100ºC
  • Can handle most Micro Well Plates. Including PCR, Deepwell and Tube-racks
  • Can be integrated with OEM plate supply system
  • Control software supplied
  • Scorpion stacker ready for plate handling to print and apply system (optional)