Lens Cleaning Tissue

Manufacturer GE Healthcare
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Rating: 5.0

  • Application Area: Microscope Lens

"This is a very good product from GE Healthcare Life Sciences. The material is very soft and long-lasting. This makes it economical without compromising with the quality. As our eyes are important to us, so the lens of a microscope is also crucial. Therefore I strongly recommend this product. It’s just excellent."

Review date: 17 Oct 2014 | Lens Cleaning Tissue
Whatman Lens cleaning tissue

Lenses and other optical surfaces made from glass, quartz, or plastic can be easily scratched if they are not cleaned with a very soft tissue. High-quality whatman lens cleaning tissue provides the solution. The tissue is chemically pure and free from silicones and other additives. Most importantly, it can be relied on to carefully and thoroughly remove surface moisture and grease.

Lens Cleaning Tissue Features:

  • High absorbency leads to increased safety upon removal of surface moisture and grease.
  • Soft texture will not damage lenses or optical surfaces.
  • Chemically pure tissue is free from silicones and other additives.
  • Very strong and leaves no fibers.