GE Healthcare's Roby 25 Syringe Filters by GE Healthcare

Manufacturer GE Healthcare

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GE Healthcare's Roby 25 Syringe Filters
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GE Healthcare's Roby Syringe Filters

The sample removed from dissolution test apparatus not only contains the dissolved active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) but may also contain fragments of the undissolved dosage form. If these undissolved fragments (e.g., tablet) are left in the sample for a period of time, they will dissolve, resulting in an increase in the quantity of API present in solution. This will result in a falsely high rate of release for the API. Additionally, if the sample is used unfiltered, any solid material in the sample will prematurely block HPLC columns or may interfere with spectrophotometric determinations (e.g., UV/Vis analysis) due to light scattering.

Roby syringe filters fit automated robot systems of Sotax, Caliper, Erweka, and Varian for sample preparation during dissolution testing. The housing characteristics are specified to meet the requirements for these dissolution instruments.

As each type of sample in a dissolution bath differs in viscosity, type of active pharmaceutical ingredient, and dissolvability, the Roby syringe filters are available in a range of different media. For difficult-to-filter samples Roby syringe filters have an integral glass microfiber prefilter to increase loading capacity and flowthrough characteristics.

Features and Benefits:
• Automatable design
• Different membranes available
• Optional glassfiber prefilter to avoid filter blockage Applications
• Filtration of samples for dissolution testing
• Filtration of samples for content uniformity testing

Method development laboratories often use different types of samples to determine the most appropriate filter for their drug. The Roby Validation Kit contains six different media configurations and a step-by-step manual for validation of the best sample preparation syringe filter for your dissolution testing.