GE Healthcare's Glass Bottom Microplates

Manufacturer GE Healthcare

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GE Healthcare's Glass Bottom Microplates

Optically clear glass bottom microplates are suitable for use in a wide range of critical optical measurement techniques including enzyme studies, cell based assays, and DNA-protein interaction.
The plates are available with a choice of clear, black or white polystyrene plate bodies that have a premium quality slip glass of a uniform 0.175 mm thickness. The uniformity of the glass is important to ensure a uniform background irrespective of the position of the well within the plate. The black plate body isolates the excitation or emission energy to the individual wells so that there is no interference
from well to well. This can be important for sensitive probes, light sensitive cells, and background subtraction.

A further modification to the plate, which enhances its use for these applications, is the inclusion of a low profile skirt. Normally the microplate skirt lifts the well base slightly. In this case the skirt isolates the wells from outside light energy but allows direct contact of the glass bottom with the optics of the microscope or reader.

The plates are suitable for
•  Dry and oil immersion optics
•  White light and laser excitation
•  Conventional and confocal microscopy
•  Single and dual wavelength probes
•  FRET and GFP techniques

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GE Healthcare's Glass Bottom Microplates

Manufacturer GE Healthcare

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