GE Healthcare's Clyde Disc Filter by GE Healthcare

Manufacturer GE Healthcare

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GE Healthcare's Clyde Disc Filter
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GE Healtcare's Clyde disc filter

The Clyde disc filter is a self-contained filter system designed for the sterilization of cell culture media and features a syringe (20 ml), a valve, and either a 0.2 μm or 0.45 μm PES membrane.

The liquid to be filtered is drawn into the syringe via a tube and the valve. When the plunger is depressed, the liquid passes from the syringe, through the filter, and into the collection vessel. As the syringe provides the force behind the filtration and no pump is required, the filtration may be carried out anywhere with ease. This process is repeated to filter subsequent sample for collection into one or more vessels.

The system is typically used for filtering volumes up to 2 L of fluid depending on the sample type. The presence of a glass microfiber prefilter means that the device can be used successfully for classically difficult to filter solutions such as those containing proteins.

Benefits of the Clyde In-Line Disc Filter:

•  0.2 µm version typically filter sterilizes 2 liters in one continuous process
•  Completely self contained
•  Integral syringe pump provides positive pressure filtration in any location
• Includes flexible tubing and one way check valve
•  Glass microfiber prefilter
•  Irradiation sterilized and individually packed
•  Non pyrogenic and biosafe
• Clyde™ features an asymmetric mixed cellulose ester membrane. Filtration area is 16 cm2. Filter housing is acrylic; other materials featured are polypropylene, PVC, and Tygon. Syringe capacity is 20 ml.

Clyde can be used with tissue culture media and aqueous solutions compatible with the cellulose membrane. As Clyde needs no vacuum pump or other power supply, field work applications are also possible.

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GE Healthcare's Clyde Disc Filter by GE Healthcare product image

GE Healthcare's Clyde Disc Filter

Manufacturer GE Healthcare

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