GE Healthcare Polydisc AS disc filters

Manufacturer GE Healthcare

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GE healthcare's Whatman Polydisc AS disc filters

GE Healthcare's Polydisc AS disc filters are specifically designed for inline use offering the ability to filter larger amounts of cell culture media up to 5 L (depending on the sample type).

The Polydisc AS disc filter features a high throughput PES membrane, which has low protein binding and no surfactants, and is designed for use in cell culture applications. In order to extend the life of the membrane a glass microfiber prefilter is incorporated into the device.

Each device is sealed in a clear blister pack, sterilized by irradiation, and supplied with a blue cap on the outlet to maintain sterility.

Polydisc AS disc filters are available as 0.2 μm, 0.45 μm, and 1.0 μm devices. The 0.2 μm and 0.45 μm membranes are PES whilst the 1.0 μm membrane is made of nylon.

GE Healthcare's Whatman Polydisc AS disc filters benefits include: 
•  Radiation sterilized. No EtO residuals.
•  Barbed hose connections fit multiple tubing sizes
•  Integrity-testable (bubble point method)
•  Lightweight (11.5 g); avoids the collapsing of tubing which can be caused by heavy filter devices

Applications of GE Healthcare's Whatman Polydisc AS disc filters
•  Tissue culture media
•  Reagent preparation
•  Particle counting solutions
•  Pharmaceutical preparation