GE Healthcare Polycap AS capsule filters

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GE Healthcare's Whatman Polycap AS capsule filters

The Whatman Polycap AS capsule filter is recommended for the filtration of general aqueous solutions. It combines a glass microfiber (GMF) prefilter and a nylon membrane, improving flow rates and prolonging the life of the filter.
Users can filter larger volumes up to 20 L and also filter difficult samples more easily. Heavily loaded and aqueous solutions including virus suspensions, biological suspensions, admixtures, enzymes, and buffers can be filtered using Polycap AS.

The nylon membrane, together with the GMF prefilter, creates a high performance capsule, offering the
flexibility to filter a variety of different aqueous samples. Different sizes of capsule are available, with a choice of inlet/outlet connections.

Features and benefits of GE Healthcare's Whatman Polycap AS capsule filters:
•  First layer (GMF) acts as a prefilter to ensure longer membrane (0.2, 0.45 and 1.0 µm) life and higher filtration efficiency
•  Nylon membrane layer is inherently hydrophilic, has low extractables, is biosafe and has excellent flow rates
•  Housing thermally fused (no glues, adhesives or extraneous materials)
•  Integrity-testable by bubble point, pressure decay or forward flow methods
•  Provides highly effective filtration area in a small size
•  Autoclavable; some presterilized with gamma irradiation
•  Manufactured in clean room facilities under ISO Quality Systems

Applications of GE Healthcare's Whatman Polycap AS capsule filters:
•  Admixtures
•  Biologicals
•  Buffers
•  Cleaning/rinsing solutions
•  Enzymes
•  Extemporaneous solutions
•  Immunologicals
•  Irrigation solutions
•  Nutrients
•  Ophthalmic solutions
•  Pharmaceutical solutions
•  Reagent preparation
•  Salt solutions
•  Therapy solutions
•  Tissue culture media
•  Viral suspensions