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GCxGC Columns
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• Wide range of stationary phases offers orthogonal separations.
• High thermal stability maximizes system ruggedness and sensitivity.
• Unrivaled column inertness for accurate analysis of active compounds.
• 0.15, 0.18, and 0.25 mm ID formats accommodate varying sample capacities, speeds, and detectors.
• Secondary columns come in convenient 2 m lengths for economical method development.

GCxGC is a powerful multidimensional GC technique that combines two independent separations to accurately analyze highly complex samples. GCxGC involves two columns with differing (orthogonal) stationary phases that are press-fitted together in series and separated by a modulator. The first (primary) column performs a separation, and its effluent is continually focused and “injected” by the modulator onto the second (secondary) column, where another separation occurs. By choosing a secondary column that is orthogonal to the primary column, it is possible to identify analytes that cannot be separated by the primary column. And by keeping the secondary column short, it is possible to maintain the separation produced by the primary column. Results generated through a series of high-speed chromatograms are plotted as a retention plane, or contour plot (column 1 time x column 2 time).

Restek has been performing comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography since its commercial inception. Our innovations lab boasts multiple instruments dedicated to GCxGC applications, and we are continually exploring new application areas—including environmental, food safety, petroleum, forensics, fragrance, natural products, and dietary supplements.

Restek GCxGC secondary columns can be matched with any Restek Rtx® or Rxi® primary column to create the perfect orthogonal separation for your application.