G:BOX Chemi XX6

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Gel imaging for fluorescence and chemiluminescence

For high performance imaging, the new generation of G:BOX Chemi systems provide the user with an extended range of applications covering fluorescence and chemiluminescence. All these systems now utilise Syngene’s groundbreaking GeneSys automatic control software. Driven from a database containing hundreds of capture protocols, full manual control is available should you wish to use it.

The G:BOX Chemi series features cameras with resolutions of 4m, 6m or 9m pixels. All have cooling which reduces the small amount of electronically generated noise to produce outstanding images with minimal background interference. These new generation cameras also have higher quantum efficiencies (QE) than most, helping the system to achieve outstanding levels of sensitivity.

Whether using the system for standard fluorescence applications such as DNA, or for chemiluminescence imaging, the G:BOX Chemi will give you high quality results. In addition, by using the optional LED modules users can work with a unique automated multiplexed function capable of using up to 5 channels. Other LED modules can be used to turn the G:BOX Chemi into a highly sensitive IR capture system. An edge lighting option can also be used for 2D gel capture including the use of DIGE gels.

The stylish design with modular construction includes motor-driven lenses, filter wheels with the option of including a range of lighting choices for both Epi and transillumination applications.

The system comes complete with unlimited copies of GeneTools analysis software.

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With the new GeneSys control software the user simply has to tell the G:BOX Chemi the sample type and dye and leave the rest to the automated capture system. Images are produced quickly with the minimum of effort. No other system on the market offers this level of control.

•High specification
The new series of camera offer high performance imaging. The addition of cooling enables longer exposures to be used which can be a necessity for some fluorescence applications and definitely for chemiluminescence.

The new design of G:BOX Chemi enables the user to use a range of options. This includes the latest LED fluorescence lighting modules for Epi illumination, providing the user with the ability to perform coloured fluorescent, multiplex and colorimetric imaging.

Why choose this model
G:BOX Chemi XX6 and XX9
The XX6 and XX9 are top of the range, high resolution imaging systems, suitable for the most demanding users and applications. They are suitable for all your fluorescence imaging needs and also low light level chemiluminescence from blots and plates. They are capable of imaging all routine samples, EtBr and safe alternatives, SYBR, coomassie, chemi blots, colony plates and many fluorescent applications including red, green, blue and IR excitation.

The XX6 has a resolution of 6.0m pixels, whilst the XX9 has a resolution of 9.0m pixels. Both of them are 16 bit cameras. They both offer very flexible binning options leading to extremely fast capture times and feature a fully motor driven sample stage which optimises the distance between camera and sample each time resulting in maximum resolution and sensitivity.

Both come with a UV transilluminator, a UV to white light converter and epi white LED. It is simple and cost effective to fit epi UV, blue, green, red or IR lighting either at time of purchase or later. Both systems are fully motor driven with lens, a 7 position filter wheel, lighting, sample stage and exposure time, all controlled, regulated and optimised through the powerful GeneSys acquisition software.

The XX6 and XX9 have enough resolution to cope with even the smallest 2D gels. Also some microscope slides can be imaged in great detail with these flexible systems. For DIGE samples an edge illumination unit can be fitted to give the best results.

The high specification XX6 or XX9 systems are an essential component for the lab with multiple sample types and where only the very highest quality images are acceptable.