GateKeeper Aluminum Gate Valves by Agilent Technologies

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GateKeeper Aluminum Gate Valves
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Economical, reliable vacuum shut-off devices  

 Agilent GateKeeper Series Aluminum Gate Valves provide a low-cost, low-particle, low profile means of isolating a high vacuum pump, and are a less expensive alternative to stainless steel valves. The GateKeeper Series valve design employs a cast aluminum body, linear drive mechanism, counter-plate sealing mechanism, and an elastomer shaft seal. The result is a clean, economical, smoothly actuated valve. The body is cast using the VaPore process which tightly controls each material input and process step to deliver a casting that is free of porosity. The required sealing forces are generated with few moving parts, and without adjustment screws. As a result, very few particles are generated within the valve. The aluminum gate valve has a small flange face-to-face profile that makes it easy to install and maintain.