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Gamma Shielding

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Many different styles and sizes of shield are available depending on the requirements of the user. Most shields are available in two sizes, small and large, and have either a large flat base, 300 mm deep, for under-bench protection or a curved base, 150mm deep, for use with a Scie-Plas Safety Tray.

  • 10mm clear optical acrylic or 12mm lead acrylic for unobstructed view

  • Choice of angle, to suit location

  • Most shields available in 2 sizes - small and large

  • Large flat base models for under-bench protection

  • Curved Base models are compatible with Scie-Plas Safety Trays

  • Adjustable 0 to 150C Angle Shields.

    These can be adjusted from vertical to a 150 from vertical angle as the user requires.

    In the 150 angle, the shields reduces light reflections and provides the researcher with room to lean over and improve their view of the shielded work area.

    The shield can also be assembled either wide or tall giving the researcher an incredible amount of versatility in their radiation protection from just one radiation protection shield.

    Fixed 150 angle shields.

    The 150 angle of the shield reduces light reflections and provides the researcher with room to lean over and view the work area.

    Available in small or large, curved base to fit over the edge of safety trays or flat base to protect below the bench.

    Fixed 150 angle shields are also available in an hourglass shape which incorporate the benefits of the fixed 150 angle shields but with the added benefit of a shape which allows the arms easier access than the traditional square sides of the shields.

    Fixed 450 angle shields.

    These are designed to offer comfort and convenient protection when the researcher is in the standing position. The 450 bend in the shield enables the researcher to look directly down on the work area and still have complete radiation protection.

    Again these shields are available with a curved or flat base and in large or small sizes.

    3 – Sided shield.

    This provides all round radiation protection when used in conjunction one of the other shields in the Scie-Plas range. It is designed to be used facing away from the researcher to give radiation protection to colleagues in the lab.

    Base plate

    These provide under the bench protection. They can be used in conjunction with any of the other shields and contain anti-slip cushioned feet to prevent slippage.

    All these shields except the 3 – sided shield are available for both beta and gamma radiation protection.

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