Galaxy® 14 S CO2 Incubator by Eppendorf

Manufacturer Eppendorf

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Galaxy® 14 S CO2 Incubator
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Galaxy® 14 S CO2 incubator is a micro-sized, 14 L incubator that offers you quality performance all in an incredibly small footprint!

Its unique size allows for specific applications to be carried out in isolation from general culture, or for use as a personal bench-top incubator. The six-sided, direct heating system gently bathes cells in a uniform temperature and incubator environment. The fanless design is achieved with this advanced convectional heating system, removing a major source of contamination within the seamless chamber. Customize the Galaxy 14 S incubator by adding 1 - 19% oxygen control.


  • 14 Liter (0.5 ft3) benchtop unit with exceptionally small footprint
  • Size ideal for 1-2 patient samples and IVF work, stem cell research, or use as a personal incubator
  • Temperature range from 4°C above ambient to 50°C
  • Six-sided direct heating system provides a uniform incubated environment to gently bathes cells
  • Fanless design achieved with advanced heating system eliminates a classic, and often repeated source of contamination
  • Deep-drawn, stainless steel chamber eliminates seams or welds, removing potential sources of contamination