G 7883 Cleaning and Disinfection by Miele & Cie. KG

Manufacturer Miele & Cie. KG

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G 7883 Cleaning and Disinfection
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Performance specifications
Narrow-necked glassware: 39/E 329
Pipettes: 116/E 406
Test tubes: 1600/E 103-139

Control system
MTN Multitronic Novo Plus controls with 8 programmes
Rotary programme selector switch
Various parameters modifiable
Programme sequence and fault indicator
Temperature and countdown indicators

Stainless-steel cabinet with 2 levels
Spray arms/Stainless steel
Docking system for upper baskets/mobile injector units
Quadruple filtration system
UP Qmax circulation pump 400 l/min
AP Drain pump
ET Electric door lock
PASI Programme continuation in event of power failure
SU Buzzer (acoustic signal)
WES Water softener
Depending on model, with/without:
ADP AD pump
DK Steam condenser/Heat exchanger
SST Process documentation interface


Dispensing technology
1 door dispenser for powder detergent
1 door dispenser for liquid products
1 DOS 10/30 dispenser pump for liquid acidic agent
DOS module connection: DOS G 60, dispenser module for liquid detergent

Cleaning technology
Fresh water system
Max. thermal disinfection temperature 93°C

Frontloading unit with bottom-hinged door
Freestanding/built-under unit
Slanted fascia panel
Choice of outer panelling materials:
AW Outer panelling white
AE Outer panelling stainless steel
DER decor frame, white
H x W x D: 850 x 600 x 600 mm

Test certificates
VDE, EMV/Interference suppression, DVGW