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Frozen Instant Cells
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Frozen Instant Cells from CCS Cell Culture Service - The Right Amount of Cells, Right in Time

For secondary screenings where often a limited number of compounds have to be tested, CCS proprietary PRINCESS Instant Assay provides an additional advantage. In Princess Instant Assays cells are frozen directly in assay plates and can be stored at -80°C. According to the need of the project, only the amount of assay plates which is actually needed is taken out of the freezer. After thawing the plates, the assays can be started almost immediately.

Diligent quality controls are performed for each batch of Frozen Instant Cells. The cell number per vial or well is verified using an automated cell counter and the viability of the cells is determined by measuring the integrity of the cell membrane. Aliquots are thawed in order to evaluate the seeding efficiency of the Frozen Instant Cells. Finally, each batch is tested for sterility and the absence of mycoplasma. In addition, a fully functional validation of the Frozen Instant Cells can be performed to meet customer specification for the assay.