Freedom EVOware® Sample Oriented by Tecan

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Freedom EVOware® Sample Oriented
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Wizard-driven sample based pipetting for pooling applications

Freedom EVOware Sample Oriented software is ideal for pooling applications and assay set-ups that require sample-based pipetting procedures on platforms of the Freedom EVO® family. This wizard-driven process reduces the time needed to set up complex pipetting procedures and increases the productivity and efficiency of the Freedom EVO clinical workstations.

Freedom EVOware Sample Oriented software enables pipetting procedures to be defined through the Freedom EVOware Graphical User Interface. Protocols can be optimized on a PC at the desk using Freedom EVOware’s 3D simulator before they are finalized on the workstation.

The Freedom EVOware Sample Oriented SW:

- supports pooling procedures for primary pooling, sub-pooling and cross pooling,
  as well as creating and using archive plates
- allows the integration of up to two Te-PoolSafe™ options
- guides users through the loading of the worktable, reducing operator error
- can be used with the 98/79/EC IVD-D compliant Freedom EVO clinical

Freedom EVOware Sample Oriented can also be used in biopharma applications
where protocols change regularly, such as:

- preparation of IC 50 curves
- sample-specific dilutions
- multi parameter ELISAs
- dilutions or pre-dilutions in plates or tubes, with a choice of diluents
  and user-defined volumes for each step