(disabled) Freedom EVO® Process Development

Manufacturer Tecan

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The new PreDictor™ 96-well Filter Plates prefilled with GE Healthcare BioProcess™ chromatography media have been fully tested for screening of chromatographic conditions on Freedom EVO platforms. The combination of Tecan's robotic integration and liquid handling expertise together with the versatile PreDictor platform of GE Healthcare gives the user a fully automated system for high throughput process development. The data obtained by parallel screening of chromatographic conditions using PreDictor plates show good correlation with data obtained using chromatography columns, making the system an excellent tool for initial screening of process conditions.

PreDictor plates shorten time-to-clinic and increase productivity by:
Reduction of experimental time from weeks to hours
Significantly lowered sample consumption
Increased process understanding due to the enlarged experimental space

Approved applications include:
Screening for chromatographic conditions, including:
Binding capacity (time-dependent / time independent)
Wash and elution conditions
Screening of different chromatography media

Data and Pictures reproduced with kind permission of © 2008 GE Healthcare – All rights reserved.

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(disabled) Freedom EVO® Process Development

Manufacturer Tecan

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