Freedom EVO® NGS Workstation by Tecan

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Freedom EVO® NGS Workstation
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The Freedom EVO NGS workstation combines Tecan’s expertise in laboratory automation with sequencing-verified protocols to offer hassle-free NGS sample prep at the touch of a button.

NGS is the fastest growing application in genomics, yet many sample preparation protocols can be labor intensive and time consuming. The Freedom EVO NGS workstation has been developed to offer robust and reliable automation of library preparation, quantification, qPCR set-up, normalization, pooling and capture. Offering user-friendly, walkaway automation at the touch of a button, it eliminates the need for extensive manual processing, helping to simplify day-to-day activities and ensure high quality results.

Freedom EVO NGS workstation includes all the modules required for precise set-up of NGS sequencing libraries and, with one-touch method selection and step-by-step user instructions via Tecan’s intuitive TouchTools™ graphical interface, it reduces hands-on time and increases productivity – even for inexperienced users. The system’s key benefits include:

  • Precise pipetting – from 1,000 µl down to 0.5 µl using eight pipetting channels and innovative air displacement pipetting technology
  • Integrated temperature control – to keep reagents cool and provide optimal enzymatic conditions
  • Efficient bead clean-up –  using a 96-position magnetic plate separator (Alpaqua 96S Super Magnet Plate)
  • Walkaway processing – with on-board consumables storage for long unattended runs
  • Straightforward operation – with step-by-step set-up instructions

To further streamline processing, Tecan has worked with leading industry partners to supply ready-to-run protocols for a number of popular NGS technologies. Protocols for Illumina’s TruSeq™ Nano DNA, TruSeq Stranded mRNA* and Nextera™ Rapid Capture Exome* chemistries have been developed in collaboration with Illumina and the High-Throughput Sequencing Facility, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, with thorough testing and sequencing data analysis to ensure high quality results. In addition, the system is supplied with protocols covering the Ion Torrent™ library preparation workflow for Ion AmpliSeq™ panels, developed and supported by Thermo Fisher Scientific.

*Illumina-qualified protocol.