Freedom EVO® Automated Weighing Platform by Tecan

Manufacturer Tecan

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Freedom EVO® Automated Weighing Platform

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Free yourself to do the science and not the weighing with Tecan's Freedom EVO® automated weighing platform.

Tecan's Automated Weigh Stations provide a walkaway solution to one of the most time-consuming tasks regularly performed in analytical laboratories. You choose the instrument size according to your sample throughput and the intuitive Weigh Station Wizard will guide you through the process of:
• Taring empty vials (TARE)
• Weighing vials after solid has been added (WEIGH SOLID)
• Dissolving the solid with a defined solvent, if required (DILUTE)

Weighing results can, if needed, be exported to another instrument, allowing one Freedom EVO workstation to be used for weighing only, with dilutions performed by a separate platform for increased throughput.

Trust the precision and high reliability of Tecan's Freedom EVO workstations.

Free yourself to use your time more beneficially.