Freedom EVO®│gDNA XL by Tecan

Manufacturer Tecan

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Freedom EVO®│gDNA XL

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Automated solution for gDNA extraction from large volume samples based on Promega MagneSil® Genomic, Large Volume System

The complete solution based on Freedom EVO|gDNA XL and Promega MagneSil® Genomic, Large Volume System is designed for scalable and automated genomic DNA isolation from large volume samples. The simple: direct lysis, bind, wash, and elute genomic DNA purification procedure allows purification of genomic DNA directly from a wide variety of sample types, including whole blood samples, regardless of their sample storage or shipping conditions. The purified genomic DNA is free from sample contaminates such as heme, protein and RNA, and is suitable for a variety of downstream applications such as: single and multiplex PCR, restriction digest, and real-time PCR.

Highlights of Freedom EVO│gDNA XL are:

  • Complete automation from whole blood samples to purified gDNA without user intervention
  • On-the-fly scalability of chemistry
  • Simultaneous processing of a wide range of sample volumes from 1 to 10ml
  • Upgradeable. The Freedom EVO is reconfigurable and upgradeable for running additional experiment solutions.
  • Centrifugation-less. Tecan and Promega developed the solution specifically to eliminate the need for centrifugation to increase reliability and decrease costs.
  • Barcode scanning option available for sample identification