Freedom EVO® with Dual Liquid Handling Arms

Manufacturer Tecan
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Tecan’s Freedom EVO series of automated workstations offer unrivalled processing speed and flexibility thanks to a unique feature that allows two liquid handling (LiHa) arms to act completely independently. Each arm of eight variable-spacing pipetting tips can be adapted to handle high volumes, for example of cell culture media, as well as low volumes of precious reagents or samples.

The dual LiHa arms can run in parallel with the robotic manipulator (RoMa) arm which moves labware around the worktable, and are fully compatible with Tecan’s extensive range of application options, including storage elements, stirrers and incubation, separation or reading devices. This capability is a great asset for a variety of applications, including hit picking, serial dilutions, consecutive sample transfer and other aspects of assay preparation, and can greatly enhance the liquid handling power of any laboratory.