Freedom EVO® Protein Crystallography

Manufacturer Tecan  |   Model: IsPa

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Protein crystallography applications on the Freedom EVO platform

The Freedom EVO protein crystallography workstation is a highly flexible, fully scalable liquid handling platform that can be configured for semi- or complete automation of hanging drop, sitting drop and microbatch protein crystallography experiments.With automated solutions from Tecan, researchers are able to efficiently create custom crystallization buffer sets from stock liquids. A large dynamic pipetting range enables the protein crystallography workstation to dispense both mother liquors and precious protein samples with superior accuracy and precision. For maximum capability and throughput, an array of devices including barcode scanners, microplate sealers, dynamic light scattering (DLS) readers, incubation and imaging systems can be seamlessly integrated into the system.


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Freedom EVO® Protein Crystallography

Manufacturer Tecan

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